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About Winetastic

We know you appreciate great wine. So do we. Here at Winetastic Hong Kong, we bring to you the best from the barrels—exclusive wines sourced reliably from the domaines, delivered straight to your door.

With our deep connections with exclusive vineyards in France, we provide access to rare and private labels, available for pre-order. For those finding the centerpiece in your wine collection, our connoisseurs are here to offer you the best advice on curating your cellars and wine portfolios.

We are proud to represent old and new projects for the first time in Asia, hidden gems and rising stars, made by true artisans with a common feature : all passionate about their terroir, with a strong identity with a deep bond to craftsmanship.

As our partners, we believe at Winetastic that respecting the terroir is the first step to make great wines. We are delighted to share each different philosophy of our winemakers regarding nature, soil, and vines with all the wine enthusiasts and to carry our winemakers’ commitment to the best tables and palates in Hong Kong. 

Sunset over Vineyard
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