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Sommelier Consultancy

A la carte sommelier service with flexibility and tailor made response

At Winetastic, our mission is to share our passion and give access to our knowledge and network to assist concepts to thrives around wine.

With our deep connections with exclusive vineyards in France, trustworthy suppliers around Asia, and many experiences in the Food and Beverage Industry world, we can provide valuable advices to curate beverage programs and guidance in building a new concept.

Thanks to our expertise in the wine trade, and in belief that wine is to be shared - we lend our savoir faire to provide access to rare and private labels, assist to implement partnerships with major brands while optimizing the financial impact.

With our fresh and acute eyes, we offer a bespoke service to each of our partner, from bars, restaurants and hotels that might have yet to have their own sommelier. With our support, regular follow up and tailor made service, we aim to enhance the wine experience of our partners, while monitoring and optimizing the cost, margins and inventory.

Wine Sampling

Product Selection

Building a new concept

Enhance an existing beverage program

Wine list design
Wine pairing
By the glass options

Wine Bottles


Staff training and tasting
Recruitment of sommeliers, beverage managers and assistants
Guidance in the choice of suppliers
Day to day follow up with the stakeholders
Brands partnerships and sponsorships
Organization of events

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Implementation of the beverage program

Cost and pricing optimization
Stock supervision

Orders notice

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