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Champagne Aurélien Lemaire

Boursault - Marne

Aurélien Lemaire is a young winemaker who joined the family estate Champagne Claude Lemaire in 2016.

Located in Bousault in the heart of Vallée de la Marne, the estate is composed of 5ha of 18 different parcels.

Since then he worked consciously to  organic converted the estate and modern all the winemaking processes, while advocating for a lower level of intervention, to let all the terroir expresses itself.

In 2018, he inherited 2ha of vines and started to produce his own Champagne, with 2019 being his first own vintage released, making a very promising debut.

Champagne Aurélien Lemaire in the bottle

Les Terres Jaunes

A 100% Chardonnay with Zero Dosage, aged 2 winters in old oak. Only 2300 bottles produced. 

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