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Domaine Damien Courbet

Château-Chalon - Jura

His great-grand-father was a winemaker since 1869, and the passion runs in the Courbet family ever since. 

Damien Courbet is now in charge of a 7 hectares estate in the Chateau-Chalon (arguably the greatest appellation of the area!) cultivating iconic Jura varieties such as Chardonnay, Savagnin, Trousseau and Poulsard in a precise and exigent way.

Indeed, Damien has a serious background in oenology with a diploma from Burgundy, then trained in various prestigious domaines, Nicolas Potel, Merlin, Zind Humbrecht in Alsace, and then in South Africa, California and the UK! 

He came back to his roots in 2002, and it was the beginning of a new era for the estate that is still thrilling today. Damien is a master in revealing all the particularities of Jura’s terroirs while using techniques and secret skills that he must have learnt in Burgundy!

Damien has started the biological conversion for his domaine since 2016, and 2019 will be his first official biological vintage with certification.

Domaine Damien Courbet in the bottle

Côtes du Jura Blanc Chardonnay Les Rondos

A Chardonnay from Jura, made just like in Burgundy, taste it blind and you will be surprised for sure. Coming from one single parcel of 0.7 hectares, fermented with indigenous yeast and oak barrels aged.

Côtes du Jura Blanc Chardonnay Les Isles

All the Chardonnays made by Damien are aged on lees and ullaged, to avoid any oxidative still and retain the fruit purity. 

Côtes du Jura Blanc Savagnin L'Origine

A special Savagnin, coming from the young vines of the Château Chalon appellation, bottled after up to 2 years under veil. Why chose “L’Origine” as the name of the cuvée? Because Savagnin is one of the oldest grapes, and the varietal parent of many grapes that we know today.

Château-Chalon Vin Jaune

Following the meticulous historical recipe for Vin Jaune making, however Damien has its own expression. After 6 years spent under the flore, the result is truly unique.

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