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Domaine Inebriati

Pic-Saint Loup - Languedoc

The domaine was created in 2010 by Victor Beau with only 2 hectares in metayage from his father, a pioneer of biodynamic farming in the region.

Firstly trained as a physiotherapist, Victor came back to the family winemaking roots quickly. Today, the domaine counts 7 hectares of old vines planted in the middle of the garrigue surrounded by limestone hills, at the Northest point of the Pic-Saint-Loup appellation in the South West of France.

Influenced by a Mediterranean climate with warming Summers with high winds, the vineyard are meticulously handled with care.

Nothing added and no new wood are the two guidelines of the domaine, retaining all the fruitiness of a myriad of Southern, often forgotten, varieties, with an extensive range of cuvées carrying mythologic names.

Domaine Inebriati in the bottle

An surprising white made of 100% Terret Blanc, a forgotten autochthone variety coming from old vines of the Terret Bourret area. 


Composed only of Grenache Blanc, as a refreshing yet with salinity on the palate.


A 100% Ugni Blanc as beautifully result from limestone terroir of the area.


Blanc de Noir 
An impressive blend of Grenache and Mourvèdre, with deep complexity on the fruitfulness. 

An elegant blend of Syrah, Cinsault and Grenache coming from the Gravettes terroir of Pic-Saint-Loup.



One of the top cuvées of the domaine, a blend of Grenache and a majority of Syrah, with more depth and ageing potential.

A single expression of Cinsault, using stainless vat to retain all the characters of this varieties, often under looked into blends.

A 100% Grenache Noire, very fine in style with a juicy profile.

A fruity blend of Carignan, Cinsault and Aramon, using whole bunches to retain the freshness.

Pet Nat 100% Vermentino
A refreshing and lightly sparkling white, with a well-balanced acidity.

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