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Domaine Maréchal

Bligny-les-Beaune - Burgundy

Most people have never heard of Claude and Catherine Maréchal, although they deserve all the intention for any Burgundy lover.

Located in the small town of Bligny-Les-Beaune in the middle of the Côte d’Or, the domaine was created by the Maréchal couple in 1981. It all started with 4 hectares of rented vines until 1984, when they bought their first own parcels in Ladoix and Savigny-Les-Beaunes, to a 12.80 hectares domaine that we know today producing a myriad of appellations in both red and white split on 6 different villages. 

 Claude Maréchal is the embodiment of a true “vigneron”, low key with an authentic vision of the vine growing with no chemicals and the use of indigenous yeast, with total manual labor and a perfectionist way of working in the cellar. His wines are purity encapsulated, with low new oak use and no whole bunches.

The quality of the production at Domaine Maréchal stands out in the crowded pool of top Burgundy producers nowadays, and we are delighted to share this secret in Hong Kong.

Domaine Maréchal in the bottle

Savigny Les Beaune Blanc 

Only 1 hectare of Chardonnay is planted at Domaine Maréchal, and Claude excels as much in reds than in whites.

Bourgogne Rouge Côte d'Or Gravel 

Coming from vineyards planted in the plain of Pommard facing the village of Bligny, with, as per the name, a gravel soil.

Chorey Lès Beaune

A blend coming from 3 different parcels in Chorey village, all from old vines. An aromatic expression of Chorey village, fresh but generous, with all destemmed fruits and little new oak.


From Grand Poissots parcel on the limit with Brouillards, on a high slope facing Monthélie village. Usually aged 12 months in old oak barrels, to retain the fruit purity and guarantee the integration.

Pommard La Chanière

The Chanière parcel of the domaine is only 0.88 hectares of 30 years old vines. Aged in old oak barrels for up to 15 months, all the complexity of Pommard is in the glass, and Claude is definitely a master.

Savigny Les Beaune Vieilles Vignes

A subtle blend of many different parcels, including some in Premier Cru - Liards, Planchots, Pimentières, Peuillets and more for a total of 2 hectares. As all the work of the Maréchal couple, this is an elegant Pinot Noir coming from 60 years old vines.

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