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Henri Chauvet

Boudes - Auvergne

Henri Chauvet is bringing back the Auvergne region on the wine map of France. In the Spring of 2021, Henri bought the 10.5 hectares estate from iconic local winemaker Annie Sauvat locared in Boudes and made his first yet promising vintage.


Before becoming a winemaker, Henri was working in corporate banking, and left the industry to get a viticulture degree and was trained for many years in the Rhône Valley, working alongside Thierry Allemand in Cornas and Jerome Bressy of Domaine Gourt de Mautens in Rasteau, before coming back to his roots in Auvergne. 


Henri is farming 10.5 hectares of the most promising varieties of the region – 60% of Gamay, 30% of Pinot Noir and 10% of Chardonnay, while biodynamically converting the estate. With a deep understanding of the various types of soils underneath his vines – from pink granite, quartz, volcanic marble to sandy clay, each cuvée is already showing a precise sense of place.


Only his second vintage, and already promising wines, helping the Auvergne wine region to regained its superb voice.

Henri Chauvet in the bottle

Qui Sait

An interesting “blanc de noirs » white wine made of 100% Gamay in whole bunches. Only 2100 bottles produced.

Au Chant de la Huppe 

A subtle red wine blend of 60% Gamay in whole bunches, 20% of Pinot Noir and 20% of Chardonnay, fermented all together. Only 7800 bottles produced.


Contre Nature 

100% Gamay in whole bunches, quickly fermented to give this light red color, almost rosé and retain all the fruits freshness. Only 1600 bottles produced.

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