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Les Aussigouins

Rablay-sur-Layon - Anjou

This micro-domaine of 0.70 hectare was created by Dominique Dufour in 2014 when he retired from his engineer career in aeronautics. He came back to his roots in the Loire Valley, where he is currently biodynamically farming this small vineyard like he would do “in his garden” according to Dominique. 


The Aussigouins parcel is located nearby the famous parcel of Les Noëls de Montbenaults of Richard Leroy, where the Chenin Blanc is thriving on schist and spilit soils. Dominique is renting the other half of the parcel to the Japanese couple Mai and Kenji Hodgson.


Working on very small yields to value quality over quantity, following natural principles and delicate fermentation. The wines from Dominique are indeed confidential, but something worth to try.

Les Aussigouins in the bottle


100% Chenin Blanc aged 12 months in oak barrels, bottled without filtration and sulfur. 


Nectar d’Empyrée 

Only produced when the vintage permits it. 100% Chenin Blanc made from botrytised grapes. Aged 2 years in barrels. With 250gr of residual sugar, this sweet still with a lot of freshness.

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