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Nicolas Réau

Sainte-Radedonge - Loire Valley

With no ties with viticulture but in music, Nicolas Réau started his wine career in 2002 in the South side of Anjou.

Trained in Bordeaux but passionate about the Loire Valley, all the wines produced by Nicolas are naturel, from organic farming with a committed philosophy of respect of the soil and the grapes.

With only 7 hectares composed of 5 hectares of Cabernet Franc and 2 hectares of Chenin Blanc, his wines are true expressions of the terroir of Anjou, with a unique character. 

In 2007, he made his first vintage without sulfite (or very little - only for the whites), and it is the first of a long series. Nicolas doesn’t seek any certification, but no over-maturity, long maceration in various tanks such as amphoras, concrete vats and very little wood are the motto of Nicolas and his wife, Sylvie Auguereau - also a winemaker in the Anjou region.

The couple are some of the key figures of the natural wines trend, among some of the best producers.


Nicolas Réau in the bottle

Le Clos des Treilles Anjou Blanc Victoire

Victoire is a cuvée resulting from a careful plot selection of the best Chenin. Following a natural past, this is one of the purest expressions of the terroir (jurassic clay soils) and of the grape, with only natural yeasts, and very few sulfite added when bottled. Aged in one third of new oak barrels.


Le Clos des Treilles VDF Blanc Décente aux Amphores

One of the most interesting versions of Chenin Blanc, 100% fermented and aged in Georgian amphoras buried in Nicolas’ cellar for 9 months with no pumping or racking at all. A great surprise of taste.


Le Clos des Treilles Anjou Rouge Pompois

This is a 100% Cabernet Franc wine coming from various parcels with various terroirs, with an extra care of blending. The particularity is that it is aged between 9 to 12 months in concrete vats with zero sulfite added, to retain all the purity of the fruit.


Le Clos des Treilles Anjou Rouge Enfant Terrible

Following 3 weeks of maceration, this Cabernet Franc is aged between 12 to 15 months in old oak barrels with zero sulfite added.

Le Clos des Treilles Enlèvement Demandé Anjou Rouge

An unoaked Cabernet Franc, aged one year in concrete vats, very fresh red fruits profile with a spicy finish and herbals notes.


La Réclame du Jour VDF Blanc Chenin Méchant 

A 100% Chenin Blanc, biologically made from the vines to the bottle. Aged in concrete vats, his name indeed does him justice!

La Réclame du Jour Chinon Manquant 

To be enjoyed in its youth, this Cabernet Franc was fermented and aged in concrete vats to retain all the fruit purity and the expression of the terroir.


La Réclame du Jour Chinon Rouge Garance

A 100% Cabernet Franc, macerated during 3 weeks without any chemical additions. A deep and complex Chinon aged for 18 months in old foudres. 

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